BULLYING IN SCHOOLS -College Trial By Fire You Can Do It


I am As Mentioned Very Much Against Hierachies, And Cliques All Places…
But I Am Very Much For Friendships!
Had I Not Had A Best Friend, In College
… And An Open Group Of Friends, From My Class…
I Would Be In High Waters!

Bullying In Schools -Trial By Fire You Can Do It

Parents, Teachers And Other Authorities Should Reject Hierachies, And Cliques!
In Any Group, Also School, College
… Technical School, And University…
Because The Connection Between Genetics, And Trauma
Like Loneliness!
Should Be Avoided At All Costs!


I Think I Hear My Best Friend Say In The Noise”Do It Now” He Knew My Feelings For A Girl In My New Class, In A New City!
At The Same Time It Sounds Scary, And Logical…
Everyone Are Afraid To Get A No!
You Are Afraid To Open Yourself… I Am 18 Years Old!

I See The Girl I Have A Burning Crush On…
Sitting 2 Meters In Front Of Me
At The College Party The First Year…
She Looks Like Someone Who Wants To Dance
But I Don’t Know If It Is Me She Wants To Dance With!
It Taste Of Now Or Never, She Is Sitting Right In Front Of Me

The Girl I Have Been Thinking About Since The First Day!
It Is A Weird Taste That Confuses Me, So I Become Dizzy…

I Smell A Chance The Air Is Free…
She Is Sitting Almost As If Waiting
It Smells Like A Big Wild Fire…
I Think That I Must Invite Her On The Dancefloor!
So After What Seems Like A Year…
-I Reach Out And Whisper In Her Ear

The Answer Makes Me Think That It Was Great That I Took This Chance! I Feel An Enormous Happiness And Relief
As We Dance, Her Girlfriends Dancing Knowingly Around Us…
The Feeling Is Burning Strong, And Positive
It Lifts Us On Wings, While We Go Hand In Hand Out Of The College!
The Sense Of Having Overcome A Heavy Task
And The Relief That The Girl Felt The Same As Me…
Is A Fine Thing To Get Out Of Your Head
Understood In A Huge Manner!

Bullying In Schools -Trial By Fire You Can Do It

There Has To Be A Complete Shift In Goals, At Schools… They Ought To Be Class Compassion, And Thereby Class Calm!
Avoiding Hierachies And Cliques The Power Struggle!

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