Bullying In Schools -Family Safety In War-Zones

Bullying In Schools -Family


It Is A Myth That Team Sports, And Sports In General… Strenghten The Body First And Foremost
No The Biggest Effect, There Is By Playing Soccer Fx!
Is The Trancelike Community, It Creates…
Going From Stressful Beta Waves, To Relaxing Alpha Waves!

bullying in schools -family

Bullying In Schools -Family

This Is Because Serotonin, Alpha Waves, And Community…
Builds Much Better Learning…
To Say It With Simple Words, Happiness Makes Learning Easier!


I See A Small Group Of Boys Running Around In An Alley…
In A Residential Area In The Middle Of Holstebro
They Look Incredible Happy, And Focused…
They Run Around And Around, In The Attempt To Keep The Ball

I Hear Happy And Interested Voices Directing Each others Brain Bodies…
To Keep That Ball
The Sound Of Overwhelming Happiness
In The Alley, With The Ball, Runs Through Me!

I Taste Something That Can Only Be Real Community
Whatever Friendship Level, Age, And Football Ability, You Are Always Needed!
The Taste Is Incredible Great, In A Small Part Of Holstebro
The Excitement In The Play Almost Bobles Over…

The Smell Of Cohesion And Small Success Experiences…
For Each Boy, Is Strong And Sweet! It Smells Of Something Exciting
That Demands A Lot Which Is Not Noticed
The Excitement Overwhelms The Effort!

I Am Thinking, Now That It Is A Trance Experience
Which The Boys Runs Around In, Hour After Hour, Time And Place Totally Forgotten…
Until The Boys Are Called For Dinner In The Dark!
I Think This In A Massive Way That A Lot Of Things
Should Be Done This Way, In Communities!

I Feel An Exuberant Joy Through The Game, To Keep The Ball
Together With A Group Of Boys, Towards Another Group Of Boys!
In The Protected Environment, If It Is In An Alley, Or The Light Of The School…
Or In The Life Of The Football Field…

The Sense Of Forgetting Everything Else
In A Focused Rush Of Health, And Community
Which We Did Not Notice, In The Light Of The Many Quick Movements!
In The Heat Of The Game, Is Remarkably Sweet!

Bullying In Schools -Family

There Needs To Be Focus On Parents And Schools…
And Building Of Long-term Team Sports, In The Classes!
Because Serotonin And Endorphins…
Brings Up Great Young People!

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