Bullying In Schools -My Life After Bullying

I Have Never Met Anyone, Who Thought That Antidepressants Worked…
And A Big American Study Concluded That Antidepressants Work Worse Than Placebo! How All These Poisons Have Gone Through
The Federal Drug Administration System Is A Myth!


We Are Not Made To Feel Overly Happy All The Time… Then That Good Thing Must Happen Again, For Serotonin To Be Released!
This Means Less And Less Serotonin Receptor Sites…
Downregulation Of Serotonin!

Cortisol Levels Doubles, You Can’t Digest Protein
Thereby Tryptophan, So You Can’t Make Serotonin…
Normal Wellbeing, Something Good Happens And Your Body Releases Serotonin!

In Serotonin Receptor Sites…
And Then Depletes It When…
The Good Thing That Happened Isn’t There Anymore!

Bullying In Schools

I Saw The Advert For Prozac And The Article About This Miracle Medication…
In Tv, And In A Local Newspaper
It Looked Colourful And Promising, I Became Hopeful…
It Probably Sounds Strange, But The First Medication Did Not Work,
And The Next 4 Didn’t Either!

The Beautiful Voices That Praised SSRI Antideressants
Slowly Went Away…
The Taste Of Miracles, Weakened Even More, By Other People’s Personal Experiences!
It Was One Big Taste Of Disapointment, And Confusion
It Smelled More And More Of Betrayal, Betrayal By The FDA, In America
Wrongdoing By Doctors, In Short, There Is Still Money In The Mess…

The Dirty Smell Of Lies, About Antidepressants, Has First Lately Had A Breakthrough
And Not Only In American Studies

There Has Now Been A Huge Sad Happiness Pill Study
I Am Thinking That Several Big Studies, In Different Countries…
Showing That Antidepressant Medication, Don’t Work
Ought To Be Sufficient…

I Am Thinking Clearly That Health Professionals Are Ignoring The Facts

I Have To Say That My Long Suspicion…
When It Comes To SSRI Medication, Has Been Proven
But I Am Not A Health Professional

The Feeling Of Social Anxiety Being Taken Lightly Fx
Screams To High Heaven!
I feel Tiredness Of The Fact That Neuroscience Has Not Yelled…
About The Missing Brain Body Connection, Between Anxiety, And SSRI Medication
It Has Not Been Studied, When I Was Younger
My Feeling Is A Great Pot Of Sourness, Irritation, And Surprise!

Bullying In Schools

There Has To Be Developed Medication That Normalizes…
Our Social Skills Center In The Brain
Then Depression Will Disappear!

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