BULLYING IN SCHOOLS -School Heaven Or Hell

Bullying In Schools -School Heaven Or Hell


The Move To Aars School Becomes A Turning Point, In My Life
Every Second, After My 4-9 Class Bullying Experience…
6 Years With Daily Anxiety, Before During And After School…
And This In A Sensitive Mind
Which Had 35% Risk Of Genetic Disposition For Social Anxiety, In Advance!
It Becomes PTSD, Like War Veterans Have

bullying in schools -school heaven or hell


The Brains Fearcenter, The Amygdala, Senses Patterns Within Miliseconds…
After School Bullying, Hierachies, Cliques, Isolation!

Bullying In Schools -School Heaven Or Hell

I See The School Buildings, Grey And Dangerous, A Prisonlike Area!
It Is A Frightening Process, To Go Closer To The Area

The Sound Of Silence
Whilst The Students Stand Around Like Ghosts, Under The Half Roofs…
In The Big School Yard, Does Not Make The Helplessness Less Strong!
I Hear The Voices Of My New Class Mates A Little Distance Away…
It Is Only The Boys Who Stand Together
Fighting A Silent Battle Concerning The Hierachy…

It Taste Of Me Being A Fresh Piece Of Meat!
The Long Boring Day In The School Yard
I See Almost All The Boys Looking At Me…
As I Arrive, As Late As Possible!

The Smell Of Something Has To Be Done…
Someone Has To Be Put Down, Is Cheerless And Still Clear!
Who Is It Today!
The Smell Overshadows Everything

As I Approach The Boys Alone, No Grownups To See…
I Think About How I Can Seem On Top, And Relaxed!
But My Mind Is Blank, It Is Clear That As So Many Other Days…
It Is Me Who Is To Be Put Down, I Think This Loudly

I Feel An Enormous Anxiety, I Am A Little To Easy To Read, To Afraid!
The Hierachy Pulls Me Down, I Am The New Boy In Class!
The Feeling Is Almost Spooky powerful…
There Is No Protection!
The Teachers Are Sitting In Their Room, Above, Having A Good Time

The Sense That No Grownups Are Interested In The Power Struggle…. Going On In My Mind, And In The Group…
Who Is Low In The Hierachy, Is Frightening Clear
The Group Must Decide Alone Who To Destroy That Long Day…
Oftentimes Me, The New One!

Bullying In Schools -School Heaven Or Hell!
There Has To Be A Shift In The Mindset Of Schools…
That Clearly Makes It Clear That Bullying On School Grounds…
Is A Crime!
And Parents, Teachers, And Bullies Must Be Heavily Punished!

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